Agoni Grami Restaurant “Where taste means Quality”!

Tell us about the history of Agoni Grami Restaurant

The story starts 20 years ago! The menu is influenced by the Greek and especially the Cycladic cuisine! Our aim and inspiration was to create a restaurant “off the beaten track”, where our clients will have a nice time.  A place with its own style! It is no coincidence that  Agoni Grami is housed  in an old mansion! The place reminds of a Cycladic narrow alley.

What is the source of inspiration for your menu?

As we come from Asia Minor we use the secrets of this famous cuisine but our menu is also inspired from the Greek cuisine especially from the islands and Crete.

Give us some reasons to choose Agoni Grami Restaurant. What are your outstanding dishes? 

The reasons are many but the most significant is the relish and quality of our dishes. We suggest the giaprakia, small vine leaves stuffed with rice, to note that the vine leaves are our own production and not canned, the eggplants, the cheese pie with honey and sesame, the Gkioulpasi, the lamb wrapped and cooked in greaseproof paper, the throumpato, clay beef cooked with peppers and cheese, the grilled meat, the seafood and the stuffed squid!

You have a faithful clientele. What customers say about you?

Our customers are the source of our inspiration and those that help us to exist! Leaving the restaurant, they tell us how satisfied they are from, the service, our cuisine, our dishes but also from the music and wine. It is moving  when the clients tell you that they feel invited to our house not to a restaurant! 

What about the live music nights you organize?

Live music program is available every Friday and Saturday evening and also every Sunday afternoon! We have an orchestra comprised of three exceptional musicians. More specifically, the orchestra includes a bouzouki, a guitar and a singer with an impressive voice! It is a fabulous folk-traditional program performed in a hall for 75 persons. Our hall, holding a capacity for 160 persons, is also available for events such as christenings and weddings.

What is the lowest price for a dinner in your restaurant?

For the main course, dessert and wine, the price does not exceed 15 euros per person! 
I would like also to mention that the restaurant is closed every Monday and Tuesday!